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  • Where is The Sensory Studio located?
    The Sensory Studio is located at 305 W Willow Street, in Harrisburg, South Dakota. The studio has taken over the former Sandlot space.
  • What are your hours?
    The Sensory Studio will have varying hours based on what classes and programs are on the schedule. We will have a monthly schedule and various opportunities happening depending on the season. Schedule updates and posts will be shared on our Facebook, Instagram, and website.
  • Is the Sensory Studio open to the public?
    The studio will offer limited sessions that will be accessible to the public. Other times, we will be hosting private groups, classes, camps and other programs that will require a prior sign up.
  • Is The Sensory Studio available for private rentals and parties?
    YES! We offer both private rentals and and great party packages!
  • What ages can attend The Sensory Studio?
    At The Sensory Studio, we offer something for all ages! Our diverse range of sensory experiences and activities are thoughtfully designed to cater to children from baby through their teenage years. We believe in the importance of sensory play for development and learning across all age groups, and we are committed to providing an inclusive, engaging environment where every child can find something that resonates with their interests and developmental stage. Whether your little ones are just beginning to explore the world around them or your older children are seeking more complex sensory challenges, we have something to spark curiosity and promote learning for every age.
  • Are there any requirements of what my child should wear when visiting The Sensory Studio.
    For your child's visit to The Sensory Studio, we recommend dressing them in comfortable, washable clothing that they can move freely in. Since our activities often involve hands-on exploration, including paint, water play, and other sensory materials, it's best to choose outfits that you won't mind getting a bit messy. Play clothes that can easily be cleaned or are okay to get a few stains are ideal. Our goal is for your child to fully immerse themselves in the sensory experiences without any worry about their clothing, so comfort and practicality are key! CLEAN SOCKS ARE REQUIRED on the matted areas!
  • Does The Sensory Studio have specific rules?
    At The Sensory Studio, we aim to create a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment for all our visitors. To ensure that everyone has a wonderful time exploring and learning, we kindly ask our guests to follow these simple rules: Supervision: Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.(Unless, it is for a specific class or camp where students are being dropped off) It's important for adults to stay engaged and monitor their children's safety and well-being during their visit. Respect for Others: We encourage kindness, patience, and respect towards all guests and staff members. Sharing, taking turns, and using gentle hands are important for everyone's enjoyment. Use Materials Wisely: Please use the sensory materials and equipment as intended. Stay Within Designated Areas: For safety and to ensure the best experience for all our guests, please keep to the areas designated for your child's age group or activities. Cleanliness: Help us maintain a clean environment by tidying up after your activities as much as possible. If spills or messes happen, let a staff member know—we understand that it's part of the sensory play! Food and Drink: To maintain a clean and safe environment, eating and drinking are only allowed in designated areas. Please refrain from bringing food or drinks into the activity areas. Wellness Policy: To protect all our visitors, please visit us when everyone in your group is feeling well. If your child or any accompanying adult is showing signs of illness, we kindly ask you to plan your visit for another day. By following these rules, we can ensure a positive, enriching, and safe experience for every child and adult who steps into The Sensory Studio. Our staff is always here to help and provide any assistance you might need during your visit. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!
  • If I have a rental, can I bring in my own food?
    Yes! Our private rentals and parties are allowed to bring in their own food and beverages!
  • I have a punch pass with The Sandlot, can I use that at The Sensory Studio?
    Yes! The Sandlot punch passes will carry over to The Sensory Studio until June 1, 2024. You can use your passes for a public session that we will offer, just as you did with The Sandlot.
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